Gulfstream G280

Sitting in the Gulfstream G280 at the Dubai Airshow in 2014

Hello, I’m Aamir Rauf! I’m a Pilot, Computerphile and Entrepreneur. I spend my days working for an advertising agency where I head the digital marketing and software division. We create 360-degree digital campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands in the FMCG, Food and Financial category. We were also the first advertising agency in the country to setup our own digital shop.

I’ve had an interest in all things technical since I was a child, hence the love affair with aviation. My family will attest to the fact that I took apart almost everything I could find to see how it worked, before trying to put it all back together.

I’ve always loved airplanes and therefore I spend my weekends and spare time flying, real ones and remote controlled models. While I don’t have an enormous amount of flight time I am blessed that I have been able to earn FAA, GCAA and PCAA pilots licenses and ratings and I’m always trying to earn new ones and get myself behind the controls of different airplanes.

I’m fortunate enough to have been able to study all over the globe from, Asia to the Middle-East to the United States. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, if you don’t, click on those X’s which close browser windows! Feel free to follow me through my social media profiles or to get in touch through this blog which is a combination of binary, circuit boards and plastic.